April 21, 2014

Salt Content

Did you know that swimming pools that use liquid chlorine have a rather high salt content?  I have recently tested the salt level in a few of my clients' pools and have found levels as high as 1900ppm.  Although that level is below the normal operating level of 3200ppm of most models, it's definitely higher than you thought it would be.  My question to you is.  At 1900ppm of salt, why doesn't your deck, coping and patio furniture break down and corrode?  What's the magic ppm of salt does that start happening?  I've seen salt pools with zero corrosion and liquid chlorine pools with the appearance of corrosion, but it was a bad cut of stone.  Ask the right questions of your builder or service company before you buy.  Please go to www.autopilot.com for more information.