May 22, 2013

Salt Water

People often believe that if they have a Salt Water Pool, they don't use Chlorine.  When in fact, it's the salt that is converted into chlorine and used as the sanitizer.  Chlorine is generated everyday that the system is working.  They also are under the assumption that they have a maintenance free pool.  While that's a great selling point for pool builders to say, it's far from the truth.  While the chemistry is basically the same, there are a few small differences. 

The major reason to have a SWP, is the feel of the water.  As with a water softener, the salt gives you a softer swim.  It will reduce skin and eye irritation.  But it won't allow you to ignore balancing the water.  You just won't have to carry bottles of chlorine to your pool.  Bags of salt when necessary aren't fun to carry either though. 

Here in Texas, some builders and homeowners have steered clear of using salt systems due to the "erosion" of the stone around the pool.  I have several SWP's on my service route.  I have yet to see that problem.  I have seen bad cuts of stone that look worse after 1 year than of coping after 4 years from salt. 

Call me for the facts about using salt in your pool.  You might just change your mind!