May 24, 2013

Guide to Chlorine

Here is a simple straight forward guide to the most common types of Chlorine for your pool.  Information for YOUR pool.

1.  Liquid Chlorine/Bleach is a simple, fast source of sanitizer.  Besides salt from the bottle, it has virtually no long term side effects.

2.  Trichlor Tabs and Granular Dichlor -  When over used, stabilizer(CYA) will be an almost never ending nightmare.  Draining and refilling is not always going to work either.  Stabilizer has been known to come out of the plaster.  The longer the length of time with high CYA, the higher it'll be after the refill.  Wasting your pool water is not a guarantee.

3.  Cal-Hypo - Calcium based Chlorine.  Primarily used to shock swimming pools.  Depending on brand, it will cloud up the water for some time.  Not recommended for long term use.  It adds to the hardness levels of your pool.

4. Chlorine Generators - Salt Water Pool - Salt Water System, they're all the same.  They use salt, a cell and electrolysis to generate chlorine for your pool.  You need the equipment, salt and a little understanding of the process.  Simple to use, maintain and great to enjoy!   The most attention will have to be placed on maintaining a consistent PH and Total Alkalinity.


Most people starting out will overthink maintaining the chemistry of their pool.  So here are a few tips.  Make small adjustments, test at least 4x/week and seek out help before it's too late. 


Happy Swimming!