Full Rate Energy Efficient Square Flange Motors

ATTENTION:  Please read prior to purchase.

It is our policy that all motor sales will and must be installed by our professional installers. We do this to provide the best overall experience and value to you, our client.  If the need for a warranty call arises, we will handle it for you.  Normally you would have to contact the manufacturer/internet store and box up the motor to be shipped.  We will handle everything. If the motor fails prior to the warranty ending, we will replace the motor and pump seal.  The labor is not covered by the warranty and you will be charged for 1hr.  This charge must be paid prior to leaving your property after the job is completed.   

The price for each motor includes the labor and pump seal.  

Areas currently served are Austin, Tx, Sarasota, Fl., and Orlando, Fl.

Please contact us if you have questions about picking the correct motor or about your pump.  There will be 10% restocking fee on all cancelled or returned orders.