Welcome to PerfectionPoolSupply. We are a dedicated team of professionals changing the way you buy online. Did you know that over the last several years pool equipment manufactures have been cutting their warranty if purchased online and not installed by a professional?  Well, we are the best of both worlds. We offer fair and competitively price pool equipment, professional installation and the full manufactures warranty.  Sometimes, up to a 3yr warranty.  What other online store can offer you all that?  

We only sell what we install.  By doing that we can offer the best price, support, warranty and professional installation.  What does that all mean to you?  We are the best value for your money.  We are currently offering sales and installation services in the following areas:

Austin, Texas 

Sacramento, Ca 

Orlando, Fl.

Katy, Tx. Coming soon!

Hire only licensed and qualified contractors.  Your warranty will depend on it!


Through innovation and education, we constantly strive to provide the perfect swim environment!


Swimming Pool Services Offered:

  • Reverse Osmosis Treatment
  • Commercial Pool Maintenance
  • Certified NSPF Energy Auditor
  • CPO Certification Courses
  • CPI Certified Swimming Pool & Spa Inspections
  • Professional Repairs, Completed Correctly the First Time
  • Residential Pool School, Learn to Care for your Pool