Technology is all around us.  From smart phones to swimming pools, it's here to stay.  VS pumps are a piece of equipment that actually pays you back for installing it.  Simply taking the numbers provided to you on your energy bill, and inputting the new data from your pump.  You can clearly see the savings.  The greatest savings scenario is when you have a pool/spa combo and a 2hp or higher single speed pump.  Builders typically will install a high HP pump to be used when the spa is in operation.  The downside is that the pump runs at that high HP for normal circulation.  Besides needing a few extra gallons/min. to help run a booster pump, its completely a waste of energy and $.

In addition to the daily savings,  the technology used to build the motors are really the heart of the system.  VS Pumps that are operated and maintained properly have a life expectancy of around 10 years.  In that same period of time, you might end up changing your single speed motor 2-3 times.  At the cost of approximately $525 each time, you will exceed the cost of 1 VS pumps with installation.  Another possible benefit is if you're with an electric company that offers an energy rebate.  

Did you know the savings each month will almost cover your cost of your pool service?


Happy Swimming!